O Solitude de Henry Purcell

O Solitude de Henry Purcell

Me encanta  Henry Purcell. Ahora que un amigo mío sufre, quiero enviarle, dejarle aquí, esta hermosa canción llena de esperanza, este elogio de la soledad:


O! Solitude, my sweetest choice

Places devoted to the night,

Remote from tumult, and from noise,

How you my restless thoughts delight!

O Heavens! what content is mine,

To see those trees which have appear’d

From the nativity of Time,

And which hall ages have rever’d,

To look to-day as fresh and green,

As when their beauties first were seen!


Letra: Katherine Philips, poeta renacentista inglesa.

Música: Henry Purcell
Canta: Alfred Deller

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